Natural Spa Factory

Natural, authentic, independent...

Deciding which spa company to partner with was a big decision for us. We didn't want to just choose one of the product ranges that can be found anywhere and bought on the high street. So, we were over the moon when we came across Natural Spa Factory - another independent, family-owned business, based just down the road in the stunning Bath Spa - a match made in heaven. 

Natural Spa Factory was started by husband and wife team, Jeremy and Emma, in 2009. They use botanically sourced ingredients derived by nature - think herbs, plants, flowers... - and they try to avoid as many nasties as possible, so you won't find any Parabens, SLS, MCI or MI on the labels, and they certainly won't have been tested on fluffy bunnies. 

As well as enjoying their products during a treatment with us, you'll spot them all over the hotel - in the loos, leisure'll even find one of their oud diffusers in Patrick (our manager's) office...and of course if you'd like to take any home just chat to one of our therapists or pop into our boutique by the fitness reception...we'll even gift wrap it for you.