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Greenkeepers Report 2020

Greenkeepers Report February 2020 Rain, rain and more rain! There is only one place to start with this report, and that is with the amount of rain we have had. I must say it has been truly awful and I don’t remember a year where it has rained … Read more

Pancake Day

At Tewkesbury Park, we like to put a spin on the classics. So this Pancake Day, we’ve gone for the savoury option, topped with tomato and mint chutney. And because we like to cater for everyone here at Tewkesbury Park, we’ve made them vegan too. … Read more

5 Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

A bunch of flowers from a service station is not the way to woo the one you love on Valentine’s Day. Trust us. However, don’t fear, we’ve pulled together 5 rather wonderful date propositions for this  Valentine’s Day. Ideas that will help you … Read more

Top tips to prevent nail damage this winter

As we slather our skin with moisturiser and oil-based serums, many of us neglect our nails. And as we edge into the depths of the winter season, it becomes ever more important to nourish them and prevent nail damage. Our spa therapist, Sydney, … Read more

5 Exercises to do Everyday

These are a combination of exercises that will each target a different part of your fitness to improve overall stability and balance. Each exercise has an alternative to increase the intensity or decrease the impact depending on your ability and … Read more

School visits, careers & local projects

What’s it really like working in hospitality? Last week we hosted students from Tewkesbury School who came to look around and learn more about careers in hospitality. They spoke to various members of our team and we showed them tall the … Read more