Leading The Charge In Cleanliness Standards

Our policy on cleanliness standards and process will be constantly updated according to the guidance provided by HM Government and/or the World Health Organisation (WHO). As things stand, we plan to introduce the following three steps to reassure all of our guests that cleanliness & sanitisation will be our top priority as and when we're able to re-open our resort.

STEP 1 – Cleanliness & Sanitisation

We all love clean and we’ve always been known for high standards of cleanliness. But now, more than ever before, the standards need to go even higher:

These are our commitments to you:
1. We’ll always have the right levels of staffing to ensure that cleanliness is the number 1 priority.
2. Surface areas will be cleaned and sanitised with Stabilised Aqueous Ozone, with a raised awareness about the importance of high-touch surface cleanliness. This includes all handles, switches, telephone receivers, television remote controls, shower units, electronic buttons, handrails, seating and tables.
3. Where possible, all equipment will be cleaned and sanitised through our commercial dishwashers, which achieve a minimum temperature of 82oC.
4. We'll provide alcohol-based hand sanitiser in all washrooms, in our foyer, gym and in the entrances to our food-service operations, automatically dispensed. Everyone is required to disinfect their hands upon entering the building and when entering food service areas before taking a meal.
5. Our team are trained to sanitise their hands regularly during their time on duty.
6. All back-of-house surfaces will meet the same standards of cleanliness and dishwashing as front guest-facing areas.

STEP 2 – Social Distancing For All

Mind the Gap – it’s 2 metres wide

We all carry the responsibility to keep a safe distance apart from each other – a minimum of 2 metres is required and where this is not easily achieved, additional safety screening will be used.

These are the measures in place:
1. Informative signage throughout the property will remind us all of the 2 metres recommended distance.
2. Sympathetic screening will be in operation at our hotel reception.
3. Bar service will be table service only.
4. Any buffet operations will be from small individual plates with no shared options available.
5. All hospitality service staff will have hand coverings when serving our guests.
6. Room service will be delivered to our guest bedrooms by leaving them at the entrance, just like home delivery protocols. There will be no delivery tray-service charge.
7. Seating will be spaced at a minimum distance of 2 metres apart. These will be in groups of up to 4 guests from the same family unit only. Larger family units will be accommodated as separate groups from each other.
8. Any fitness classes will be limited to a maximum of 7 including the fitness trainer to ensure sufficient spacing whilst moving around.
9. All staff will have full training in all cleaning, sanitising and emergency procedure protocols.

STEP 3 – An Uncluttered Environment
When life feels busy and cluttered, minimalist living is here to provide the escape you need. Creating a much-needed sense of calm, it will also help us to ensure a safe, clean and sanitised environment, free from the risk of accidental cross contamination too.

What we’ve done:
1. We’ve removed unnecessary trinkets from tables.
2. We’ll encourage ‘al fresco’ dining whenever possible. Feel the fresh air to clear the mind and leave you feeling invigorated.
3. We’ve installed pump dispensing soap in our guest bedrooms for easier and more effective handwashing.
4. We’ve removed any non-essential golf furniture from our golf course.
5. We’ve removed health club poolside shared floats.
6. We'll encourage minimal usage of golf buggies on our golf course but sanitise each one after use.