Hot Drinks

Come and enjoy a warming cup of coffee, tea or indulgent hot chocolate with us any time of day or night.

We're working with Bristol-based Clifton Coffee, and fairtrade tea company, Canton Tea, to make sure you enjoy a perfect cup, every time.

Oh, and of course all of our milk is free-range, carries the Pasture Promise and is locally sourced from Cotteswold Dairy

Tea for one - £2.50
Tea for two - £3.50
Herbal teas - £2.50
Espresso - £1.75
Double espresso - £2.50
Americano - £2.25
Cappuccino - £2.75
Mocha - £3
Flat white - £2.75
Latte - £2.75
Hot chocolate - £3.00

Sweet tooth? Why not add a flavoured syrup to your coffee, try a slice of our homemade cake, or indulge in a Tewkesbury Park afternoon tea.